Escape Boston to cozy Point Shirley

Marjorie Gardens Mystery takes place in Point Shirley, Winthrop, Massachusetts.

Isis Ferrelli speeds her champagne-colored Jaguar from Boston to the lovely ocean-side community of Point Shirley in Winthrop. Ideally situated with the most breath-taking views in New England, Winthrop is a peninsula just shy of two miles in all directions.

On one side there’s a panoramic view of the outer harbor and Atlantic Ocean. On the other, the Boston skyline and inner harbor form a backdrop across the sky.

And, of course, there’s Crystal Cove!

A New Case File Opened on Cozy Mysteries:

The Face of Cozy Mysteries Changes Forever…

Fans may cry out. Amateur sleuths may arm themselves with glue guns and needlepoints. And beloved cat and dog sidekicks may cower in corners. But there’s no need for tea shops and bakeries to hang their Closed signs.

Cozy mystery can be more than knitting grannies, cats, and cookbooks.

The Digital Age Cozy embodies all the usual characteristics of the genre, but come with an all-important upgrade. The Cozy Mystery has been hacked… Don’t run your antivirus software.