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Calling All YA Sci-Fi Readers and Enthusiasts!

ImageIf you have a moment, please fill out this short questionnaire on teen books. Thanks!

I’m looking for readers age 12+ (as long as you love teen/YA novels) to answer 9 questions about the books you’ve read. It’s short, fun, and helps me get valuable information about what readers want in a YA novel!


Where Can You Purchase My Books?

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My claim to fame: Shortlist of Sellers

Carruther’s Place (Aspen Mountain Press, Kindle Edition) also available on paperback:


Barbecue (Aspen Mountain Press, Kindle Edition)


Red Door (The Colored Door Series, #1) (Exobia, Kindle Edition)

Blue Door (The Colored Door Series, #2) (Exobia, Nook Edition)

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June Pre-Release Sale: Carruther’s Place

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IN CELEBRATION of the anticipated release of Carruther’s Place in trade paperback, Exobia is offering a pre-release sale.

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We’re happy to offer this small token of our appreciation for your support and love for A.E.H. Veenman.

Thank You for Making Carruther’s Place a Great Success!

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Sheeee’s Baaack!

It’s been a heck of a time since my last post. But fear not for I come to you with good tidings.

My novels are available as eBooks on Amazon, B&N, and iTunes to start.

Secondly, due to the great sales of “Carruther’s Place”, the women’s romance is now available in trade paperback.

What’s “Carruther’s Place?

Glad you asked! Check out this recent book trailer for the novel, then head on over to Amazon to reserve your copy.