Adventure One: Woodburn Mall – Limited Sneak Preview on Amazon

Ladies and Gents: Woodburn Mall is on its way! Get a FREE SAMPLE now–2 Days Only.


Jacob Hawkins, nicknamed “Outlander” by his classmates, realizes Woodburn’s unprecedented aurora borealis is from unauthorized use of his dad’s invention, the Hawkins Halo. The device was perfected after a catastrophe in 2012; but, it’s banned under federal law and is now missing from Tomahawk Technology & Innovation. Jacob possesses the right skills in TERK (Time, Electric Reality, and Kinetics) and becomes a suspect—second to his dad—in Detective Randall’s investigation.

Meanwhile Jacob recruits his best friend, Crystal Long in checking up on their mysterious employer, Dr. Oka’ Hashi Obium, owner of the mall that instantly manifests upon the northern lights’ arrival.

Dr. Obium disappears and leaves them to protect the portal inside Woodburn Mall’s waterfall held sacred by the Chickasaw Nation, while he secretly spies on them from Level 0. Fleeing from justice he replicates himself between Chicago and Woodburn. However his overuse of the Halo threatens to erase his existence.

If Jacob doesn’t agree to save him.


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