It’s Tag & Tweet Cover Reveal Contest time!

It’s Tag & Tweet Cover Reveal Contest time. This is an event BEFORE the Cover Reveal in a few weeks, and your chance to win a free copy of Dial QR for Murder when it’s available for Pre-Order. Mark Your Calendars and Tell A Friend! Place your entry Now.

You Have to First Dream It…

The Marjorie Gardens Mystery series. Think Hallmark’s Gourmet Detective, Aurora Teagarden Mystery, and Garage Sale Mystery in the Digital Age. That dream has been in my head since I first decided to turn my original 2009 idea for Isis Ferrelli and the series into a cozy mystery. Hallmark Movies & Mysteries helped me realize somethingContinue reading “You Have to First Dream It…”

Names and Places of Author’s Imagination. 

Readers have seen the short publisher’s statement that places, names of people (alive or deceased) and incidents within a book are fictional. Any likeness purely coincidental.  Well, I was reminded of this when my publisher inquired about a drug name I used in my upcoming title,  Dial QR for Murder. I made a derivative ofContinue reading “Names and Places of Author’s Imagination. “

When is a Sequel NOT a Sequel?

When you’re a writer with a multiple-book publishing deal, you’re expected to follow through on your contract by delivering. Of, course. So, when is the sequel to your first book not a sequel? In my case, the answer’s quite simple…but detailed. I’d anticipated releasing my second book in the Marjorie Gardens Mystery series in timeContinue reading “When is a Sequel NOT a Sequel?”

An Oldie But Goodie-VIDEO GAMES!

Everyone who knows me is familiar with my career in the video games industry. And my writing! Well, today I decided to clear out some space on the server…make room for all these wonderful books I’m working on. And what should I find? Take a look! Here’s a video of the family’s 2008 Spore creatureContinue reading “An Oldie But Goodie-VIDEO GAMES!”

Cozy Mystery Writer, A.E.H. Veenman

Guess who’s listed on her publisher’s website.. YAY!! My passion for writing began with a hunger for books from fellow New Jerseyan Judy Blume, and Nancy Drew mysteries. And each Saturday, a side dish of The Hardy Boys whet my appetite for hunting down clues and solving crime. Thus began a three-course menu for becomingContinue reading “Cozy Mystery Writer, A.E.H. Veenman”

A Killer App, a Marjorie Gardens Mystery (Digital Age Cozy)

Can’t stop me now! First book’s going into next round of editing, and I’m busy on the second. (c) 2015 A.E.H. Veenman A Killer App, a Marjorie Gardens Mystery (Digital Age Cozy™) (“Jaguar Babes” by, CC Attribution & Non-Commercial License applies.