When is a Sequel NOT a Sequel?

When you’re a writer with a multiple-book publishing deal, you’re expected to follow through on your contract by delivering. Of, course. So, when is the sequel to your first book not a sequel?

In my case, the answer’s quite simple…but detailed.

I’d anticipated releasing my second book in the Marjorie Gardens Mystery series in time for the holidays. But wait…it’s already mid-August. So how much have I finished? I plead The Fifth!

Okay, so it was becoming painfully obvious to me I was never going to finish in time to have the title released for the holiday season this year. But wait, my little creative mind screamed, there’s so much Christmas stuff in it. It follows in succession to Dial QR for Murder. It’s perfect! It was time to put the girl to bed…and start again.

Currently, I’m working on another title for next summer’s release–while I finish the Christmas one. This gives me time to make the best cozy mysteries I  can without rush or mistakes. It also allows me to create a nifty newsletter for MyThugShot.com.

Sneak Peek at page 3
Sneak Peek at page 3

Lesson for today. Take your time (however long it takes) and do it right!

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