You Have to First Dream It…

The Marjorie Gardens Mystery series. PROMO4-Mousepad

Think Hallmark’s Gourmet Detective, Aurora Teagarden Mystery, and Garage Sale Mystery in the Digital Age.

That dream has been in my head since I first decided to turn my original 2009 idea for Isis Ferrelli and the series into a cozy mystery. Hallmark Movies & Mysteries helped me realize something I could achieve with the book. How?

Well, Gourmet Detective, Garage Sale Mystery, Murder She Baked, and Real Murders: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery are ALL TV movies based on BOOKS-Cozy Mysteries.

Dial QR for Murder, the first Digital Age Cozy in the Marjorie Gardens Mystery series is in its next phase of publication. Am I jumping the gun, here?

Naw… It’s the perfect time to follow through on what was my dream since 2013. I want the Marjorie Gardens Mystery series to leap from the page… onto readers’ handheld devices…and onto the screen.

I can’t wait to bring the series to mystery readers and writers, and I hope I have your support in taking the Digital Age Cozy to the next level.

VOTE NOW TO TELEVISE THIS SERIES: http://www.iflist.com/stories/dialqrformurdermarjoriegardensmystery

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