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Dial QR for Murder Reviews & Requests

Book reviews are of great importance to authors. Today, I was happy to receive another review on Goodreads and Amazon by a kind reader who took time from her busy schedule to provide me with a 5 STAR RATING!

You can’t imagine how happy it made me, how more apt my fingers were to keep typing that next chapter.

So, here’s a gracious THANK YOU to all READERS.



Blitz Tour: Into the Fire

Amy Reece

INTO THE FIRE by Kelly Hashway
Genre: YA Paranormal
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
In one month’s time, seventeen-year-old Cara Tillman will die and be reborn from her own ashes…
Her life of secrecy has never been easy. She’s watched her younger brother, Jeremy, burn and rise again in a coming-of-age process called rebirth. And just like her brother, when her time comes, she won’t remember anything from her first life other than she’s a Phoenix—a member of a small group of people descended from the mythical Phoenix bird.
The last thing she needs to worry about is falling for the new guy in town—Logan Schmidt.
Cara is drawn to Logan in a way she can’t explain, but she’s not exactly complaining. Everything is perfect…except it’s not. Once she’s reborn, she’ll forget Logan. And to make things worse, a Phoenix Hunter is on the loose, and Cara’s involvement with…

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Exit Wound: Blog Tour

Amy Reece

EXIT WOUND by Alexandra Moore
Genre: New Adult Thriller
Release Date: December 8, 2015
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Being crowned as royalty in Rosewood Academy’s secret society wasn’t in Bea Morrison’s plans…
A senior in high school, Bea’s life changed forever when a tragic car crash claimed her best friend’s life, leaving her devastated and alone. Now at Rosewood Academy of Arts, Bea owes a debt. With her best friend no longer queen, it’s up to Bea to be fulfill the role until graduation.
There is nothing money can’t buy, including Crosley’s king status…
When Bea accepts her place as queen, the arrogant Crosley is quick to remind her of her royal duties. Obsessed with the era of the Tudors, Crosley insists they must consummate their relationship—but spousal duties aren’t what Bea signed up for. When she rejects Crosley’s proposal, his expectations twist into absolute obsession.
A sadistic…

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Feature Friday February 26 – Lilly James – The Park Series

Ruff Drafts


denyingparksDENYING MR. PARKS  & ADDICTED TO MR. PARKS by Lilly James


Evelyn Banks is her own worst enemy…

A recovering alcoholic, the key to Evelyn’s continuing sobriety is to remain focused and controlled. She finally has her life on track with a new job at a law firm, but her world is shaken when she meets the firm’s gorgeous, charming, dominant CEO.

Wade Parks asks for only one thing—to be obeyed…

Wade’s perfect world is one of discipline and obedience. When he encounters his firm’s new employee, he begins a cat-and-mouse game in his pursuit of the feisty and independent Evelyn, determined to break through her cold demeanor and give her the discipline he’s sure she craves.

Evelyn is willing to submit to his dominance, but her emotions are another matter…

Both of Evelyn’s parents were addicts, incapable of giving her the slightest bit of affection…

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Feature Friday February 26 – Erin Lee – Nine Lives

Ruff Drafts


#FeatureFriday with @limitlessbooks @CrazyLikeMe2015

ninelivesNINE LIVES by Erin Lee

Standalone Novel

Publisher: Limitless Publishing

ninelivefull|| SYNOPSIS ||

Three teenage sisters didn’t mean to destroy their family…

Sisters Laina, Faith, and Sadie Nelson know they are to blame. There was no way to predict how their lives would shatter with just a few lies—but they did, and now they fear the pieces are too many to pick up.

Had their parents let them leave, their father wouldn’t be behind bars…

The girls just wanted to escape from their hyper-strict home and start lives of their own. If he’d just allowed them to spread their wings, their father wouldn’t be serving thirty years for a crime he didn’t commit.

Sometimes you have to be creative to get your way, but creativity’s not always what it’s cracked up to be…

With the lives of nine siblings hanging in the balance, what will…

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A New Adventure for Me

Well, I’m only referring to the omnipotent NEWSLETTER.


Yes, I’ve taken the plunge…along with some great fellow authors at Limitless Publishing…to bring monthly updates to subscribers! Okay, I’m excited about this, because I never thought I could do it.

Let’s face it. Putting thoughts, ideas, dreams, and whims of fancy into collected volumes is one thing. Opening yourself up to complete strangers, and inviting everyone a look inside your madness is quite another. To all you bloggers and WordPress aficionados–I Salute You!

So, how does one pull the old skullcap back on the mind of A. E. H. Veenman? In other words, you want to check out this newsletter?

Well, here’s a peek at what subscribers got this month:

Not bad for a first attempt…

And it only gets better with more content, features, and special offers for Subscribers Only. March is going to be AMAZING!

So, if you haven’t already, visit my website and sign up. If you aren’t yet convinced, try this on for size:

Pre-Spring-Paperback-Fling-2016Want to know how to grab this deal? Subscribe Today!

As always, I appreciate your visit! Until next time, Happy Reading!