AEH Veenman

Valentine’s Day Freebie Has Begun

Dial QR for Murder struck me as an intriguing work of fiction featuring a dynamic protagonist.


He turned fully toward me and took my hand. “What are you trying to accomplish? Do you want to prove his innocence, or find his killer?”

“Why can’t I do both?”

He touched my face, and then drew my lips toward his. For a moment, we stayed in the sweet prolonging, then departed slowly, cheeks and foreheads bidding farewell like a pair of deer nuzzling in a meadow.

I had to admit I did see that coming, for some time now if I were to be honest. There were moments at the rears of elevators. After-hours at his office concluded with us in an embrace, staring at the stars. Perhaps it was finally letting him into my home, my sanctuary, which let him into my heart completely.

 Smart and complex mystery. […] If you enjoy an intelligent mystery, I recommend this book.

February Valentine’s Day Special

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