AEH Veenman

New: Coming Summer 2016



I know, I know. You’ve seen this picture before somewhere on social media, right? Well, you’ll be glad to hear there will be more news to follow on the #CoverReveal! That’s right…I’ve got a new, awesome cover to show you.

Even better… I’ve got not one but TWO Marjorie Gardens titles coming out this summer.


Stay tuned for exact release dates and Cover Reveal Day. In the meantime, please enjoy these excerpts from:


Prepped for the Kill (Marjorie Gardens Mystery #2)

Are you ready? Are you prepared?

 Defense Attorney Isis Ferrelli wouldn’t have believed it if she weren’t holding the purchase agreement. Point Shirley residents Raymond Lockhart and Jedemiah Briggs are buying a survivalist condo designed for the digital age after doomsday.

 The Reebok Refuge Silo is either a prepper’s paradise or a real estate scam…

But when the decommissioned compound locks down after a power failure—a resident poisoned, and another found dead—it’s time to sound the SHTF alarm!

 Isis has a murder investigation…underground.

 Isis, Jed, and Ray must determine who has betrayed the colony. If they don’t, one of them could end up bugging-out in the afterlife.


     I picked up the package of dangerous contents and held it away from me as Teresa showed me out.

     One door closed behind me and I was confronted with another. Who occupied the other half of Tier -4? I certainly didn’t want to come bearing the type of gift I was carrying, so I walked over and set the box on the floor against the wall.

     A few knocks, and ferocious shuffling came from inside the unit, followed by thumping footsteps. “Who is it?” a man shouted.

     Growing attuned to when and whom I introduce myself as my alter-ego was getting easier since the first time in April at the Union Club. “Marjorie Gardens.”

     Several clicks indicated there were far more locks on the inside than the outside, and the door flew open.

     “Christ.” I raised both hands in surrender and took a startled step back, the yellow light inside the semi showing more than I’d wanted to see.

     I was face to face with the end of a double barrel shotgun.

Ten Days in Tahiti (Marjorie Gardens Romance Mystery)

Isis Ferrelli returns from her nightmare stay at the Reebok Refuge Silo in Prepped for the Kill (Marjorie Gardens Mystery #2). She still has two weeks of vacation, which she promised to spend with Jason Shahaman.

The perfect opportunity to learn if he meant what he wrote in his last email.

But their trip isn’t without a bit of mystery…

The Black Goddess, an enormous black pearl, is stolen from an island museum. The next night, a man breaks into their over-water bungalow but doesn’t steal anything.

A novella with lots of romance and a little caper…

The solution to this puzzle boils down to a picture Isis took during a visit to the museum.


“Stop.” He reached out and kept me from extinguishing the romantic setting.

“I thought we were going swimming.”

He pulled me close and enveloped me in his arms. “We are, but we don’t have to kill the atmosphere.”

I was silenced with the warmth and softness of his lips pressed against mine. After a few seconds, I eased away and my voice came weightless. “We can’t leave them unattended.” Another brief moment kissing, and I leaned my head back. “They’re a fire hazard.”

He placed his mouth beneath my ear, and butterflies darted around in my stomach. Before he went for the spot, he whispered, “Right now, so am I.”

The skin on my neck drew into a gentle suck. I held onto him, my knees buckling when he’d discovered my melting point for a second time. And in the same number of instances, he slid his palm toward my front and cupped my breast. He seemed to prefer the left one.

I untangled myself from him and breathed heavily. “Then water is exactly what we need.”

His arms dropped to his sides. He closed his eyes, flopped his head back, and groaned. I patted his chest and went for my drawer.

“Isis…” He turned and watched me.

“I’m putting on my swimsuit now. Be back in a few.” I balled the three-piece suit against me and walked to the bathroom. “Get ready.”

“I am ready!”

“Cheeky monkey.” I stopped inside and peered out through the doorway. “You know what I mean.”

“You promised.”

“I did. And I always keep them.” I shut the door.

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