AEH Veenman

Prepping for the Premiere

I’m ecstatic to announce the SECOND Marjorie Gardens Mystery title is forthcoming this summer. I hope you enjoy this teaser for Prepped for the Kill.

Prepped for the Kill Coming Soon!
Are You Ready? Are You Prepared?

This novel is a perfectly stand-alone title in the Digital Age Cozy series. But why settle for one when you can have two? Or three…?


Yes, I’ve been busy constructing a Hydra of the Marjorie Gardens Mystery series. Not only are there sequential novels, but Romance Novellas in between the time frame of the main stories, and a NEW Traditional Cozy Mystery series featuring Isis’s client, Jean Francis CEO.


I’ll keep you posted on developments as they come in. But if you’d like an ARC of any of these titles, drop me a line! I’ll make sure to get you a digital copy in exchange for an honest review posted on your blog.

Check out the New Age of Cozy Mystery.


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