AEH Veenman

Happy New Year 2020

So what’s on my agenda for 2020? New novels, of course!

New Adult/Adult Fantasty

(c) August 23, 2017 Children of Age by A.E.H. Veenman

In 2150, the Nations of Headstead survive the aftermath of global warming upon the premise of humanity in harmony with nature. Settlements throughout the terraformed southern states of America survive on the bounties of viable farmlands and the Emerald River, once upon a time called the Mississippi. For generations, the NOHS Constitution has tightly regulated population to maintain food and land provisions. The colonists garner no other customs than those historically established by the Founders.

Nineteen year old Anise Stanton and Tom Graeme, firstborns of their families, receive their notice of marriage according to NOHS Law. Officially Children of Age, Maiden Anise and Mister Tom prepare for matrimony. The celebration for their twentieth birthday not only marks the weeks leading up to their wedding. Their parents enter Period of Abatement—whereupon the birth of Anise’s first child, the Graemes and Stantons may have another of their own.

But a secret located on the outskirts of the hazardous Jade Forest threatens the NOHS Constitution. What lies hidden undermines the laws of Children of Age, throws Succession out of alignment, and reorders every family’s Period of Abatement. Anise has an older sister…an unregistered Child of Age, yet the true Maiden in Succession in the Stanton lineage.

Anise must decide whether or not to seek her out. Only NOHS Hunters are ordained to tread Jade Forest. If she breaks protocol and a Hunter discovers her trespass, there are consequences. And yet, she cannot take the risk alone. She must persuade Tom to help her. But can she trust the Graemes to keep silent?

The truth would cause civil unrest, a breakout of factions among the Nations of Headstead. To save her family from banishment—and rescue the only community she’s ever known from self-destruction—Maiden Anise learns where the real boundaries of family lay.

Stay in touch for more on this dystopian novel coming this year!

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