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Ready for an Overhaul

Blah! What else can I really say?

I started this blog years ago with the determination to keep it updated. Well, you see how that turned out!

In my defense, I am a writer (novels) not a blogger. Nightly my mind brims with great ideas, awesome character, catchy titles… all the breadcrumbs for another book. Sadly, that stream of creativity does not extend to volumes of short, entertaining segments congrued onto a single outlet on the Interweb i.e. a blog. *hangs head in shame*

So, with that in mind, someday I’ll give this thing an overhaul. In the meantime…

Scan the code! It really works!
Scan the code! It really works!

Dial QR for Murder is the first Digital Age Cozy™ in the Marjorie Gardens Mysteries series.

For seven years Isis Ferrelli has lived in Point Shirley, with a blustery shore ahead and relatives in her Jag’s rearview mirror. The assistant DA (a gorgeous American-born Indian) wants to know where she lives…mob boss Louis Fernoza does too. Now she must disconnect the mafia as clients, or forget making partner at Boston’s McCarter & French—no easy feat when she was born Isis Maria Fernoza.

And representing programmer Norman Kane gets harder when a homeless man delivers key evidence in a case she isn’t aware exists. A man’s shoe and a few photos prelude Kane’s murder. Some covert pastime as Marjorie Gardens on My Thug, and Isis decrypts how her client’s QR program contributed to his death. A little insight into the software for Mercy General Hospital, and she’s tracing a rival programmer who actually is who he says is—when he isn’t reverse engineered into someone he’s not.

At a critical connection in the investigation (and Isis’s life!), a new My Thug member appears at the Kane estate in the Hamptons. She recognizes ModuCode Killer, and her clandestine existence may go offline for good.

Announcment: WANTED!

I’m searching for a die-hard mystery/cozy CP who can provide clear critique on what works (or doesn’t) in this new format of cozy mystery, the Digital Age Cozy™.  I seek a long-term relationship for the series, an anticipated five books.

If you’re intrigued by an endeavor to remodel a genre (Motto: “Cozies can be more than knitting grannies, cats, and cookbooks!”) then feel free to contact me.

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Adventure One: Woodburn Mall – Limited Sneak Preview on Amazon

Ladies and Gents: Woodburn Mall is on its way! Get a FREE SAMPLE now–2 Days Only.


Jacob Hawkins, nicknamed “Outlander” by his classmates, realizes Woodburn’s unprecedented aurora borealis is from unauthorized use of his dad’s invention, the Hawkins Halo. The device was perfected after a catastrophe in 2012; but, it’s banned under federal law and is now missing from Tomahawk Technology & Innovation. Jacob possesses the right skills in TERK (Time, Electric Reality, and Kinetics) and becomes a suspect—second to his dad—in Detective Randall’s investigation.

Meanwhile Jacob recruits his best friend, Crystal Long in checking up on their mysterious employer, Dr. Oka’ Hashi Obium, owner of the mall that instantly manifests upon the northern lights’ arrival.

Dr. Obium disappears and leaves them to protect the portal inside Woodburn Mall’s waterfall held sacred by the Chickasaw Nation, while he secretly spies on them from Level 0. Fleeing from justice he replicates himself between Chicago and Woodburn. However his overuse of the Halo threatens to erase his existence.

If Jacob doesn’t agree to save him.


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