Cover Reveal for Prepped for The Kill (Marjorie Gardens Mystery #2) by A. E. H. Veenman

✦✦ SYNOPSIS ✦✦ ✨✨Prepped for the Kill (Marjorie Gardens Mystery #2)✨✨ Are you ready? Are you prepared? Defense Attorney Isis Ferrelli wouldn’t have believed it if she weren’t holding the purchase a…

Source: Cover Reveal for Prepped for The Kill (Marjorie Gardens Mystery #2) by A. E. H. Veenman


Bloggers Who Host Cover Reveals

Who would be willing to host my Cover Reveal?


I’m so excited to start spreading the news. I have a Cover Reveal date of Tuesday, June 21st and would be grateful if you could add my media kit to your blog on that day.

For more information, email me at exobia@ gmail . com [close the spaces after copying].

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Prepping for the Premiere

I’m ecstatic to announce the SECOND Marjorie Gardens Mystery title is forthcoming this summer. I hope you enjoy this teaser for Prepped for the Kill.

Prepped for the Kill Coming Soon!
Are You Ready? Are You Prepared?

This novel is a perfectly stand-alone title in the Digital Age Cozy series. But why settle for one when you can have two? Or three…?


Yes, I’ve been busy constructing a Hydra of the Marjorie Gardens Mystery series. Not only are there sequential novels, but Romance Novellas in between the time frame of the main stories, and a NEW Traditional Cozy Mystery series featuring Isis’s client, Jean Francis CEO.


I’ll keep you posted on developments as they come in. But if you’d like an ARC of any of these titles, drop me a line! I’ll make sure to get you a digital copy in exchange for an honest review posted on your blog.

Check out the New Age of Cozy Mystery.


Will PRH be cancelling your favorite cozy mystery series?

The Save the Cozy Mystery Movement Continues!

The Book's the Thing

For my cozy mystery readers who may not be aware….

There has been a merger between Random House and the Penguin Group, and  Random House has now decided not to renew several cozy mystery series. I won’t pretend to understand the reasoning behind this, but it does include cozies published by Berkley Prime Crime and NAL Obsidian lines. It sounds like they will be cutting the number of these books that are published drastically. I do not have a comprehensive list of series that will not be continued, but Avery Aames Cheese Shop Mysteries (one of my favorites!) and Molly McRae’s Haunted Yarn Shop Mysteries are among the casualties.

For those who are so inclined, please take a minute to visit Penguin Random House’s contact form (click the logo, scroll to the Send Us a Note drop-down near the bottom, and select General Feedback) and ask them (in a polite and respectful manner…

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For those who haven’t seen…

I’ve had a number of blogs feature my book, Dial QR for Murder, a Marjorie Gardens Mystery. For those who haven’t seen one yet, I’m happy to share the latest.

This one comes from Sapphyria’s Book Reviews!


Also on my latest agenda has been the addition of the Digital Age Cozy’s first multimedia novel component. This twenty-five page eBook has pictures, audio, and text excerpts of the book. The Interactive Digital Age Cozy: Dial QR for Murder is on sale now for only 99cents!

Have a great weekend, and Happy Reading!


Book Review: A Stone’s Throw by Debbie De Louise


A Stone’s Throw by Debbie de Louise is a suspenseful tale you make time to read and enjoy.

Alicia visits her deceased husband’s hometown of Cobble Cove in search of in-laws she never met. Once there, peculiar happenings seem to connect to her husband’s death, and infer more questions than answers in the matter.

De Louise does a brilliant job of creating a beautiful setting. I was reminded of Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove through much of this narrative and loved every bit.

Further along, Alicia meets the residents of Cobble Cove. I had a sense of not quite knowing who to trust amongst these players.

Was Dora simply a B & B owner who gradually warms up to strangers, or did she have an interest in keeping John McKinney occupied with household tasks? Did John’s synergy with Alicia truly come from seeking love after being widowed for so long, or was he keeping her away from the answers she sought?

And why was Sheila, the library director, avoiding discussion of the young employee who suddenly left Cobble Cove without much of an explanation? The resident list is marginally longer with quirky characters you’ll feel you’ve known personally.

Three quarters into the book, the plot thickens with a shocking revelation. I had my suspicions early on, but the truth surrounding the death of Alicia’s husband, and the mystery of those involved, was a real twist. And so much better!

De Louise is a gifted story teller. I recommend A Stone’s Throw to mystery and suspense readers who enjoy taking the time to explore characters and settings within a steady-paced read.

You can purchase your copy here:
And be sure to visit the author’s website at